November 19, 2013

Meeting Gloria Estefan

Me and Gloria Estefan

Incredible experience meeting Gloria Estafan, the queen of all latin musical artists!
She sold more than 100 million albums, won 7 Latin Grammys and has a show about her life on Broadway.
The public of the Latin Billboard Conference was waiting for her in excitement.
A very elegant lady appeared. Extremely classy in her black suit. High heels Louboutins. Rosary beads around her neck, I suppose she got it in Rome from where she had just arrived after meeting Pope Francis.
Gloria told us about her difficult childhood, how she met Emilio, her long time husband and business companion, about the tragic accident that broke her back in 1990, how music helped her during her entire life.

As a smart woman and mother (her daughter decided to study at the Berklee College of Music) Gloria didn’t spare suggestions to young artists in the crowd: “You have to be honest. You have to be you. Do it because you love it and not because you want to be famous, because fame is not what you think. And especially now that sometimes the monetary rewards may not be there. It even gets more to the core of doing music and art for the sake of putting it out into the cosmos. Stick to your guns. Don't let anybody tell you no. You have to persevere. If one door closes you have to find another way. Do music for the sake of the music and the success will come. Don't focus on the prize being fame or fortune or whatever.” And finally added “Have a day job” as she did: “I was an interpreter at Miami International Airport and was studying to become a psychologist when I began my career”.

Great inspiration to me. I have been loving her music for years and having the chance to get to know her personally was great!

Gloria Estefan, Latin Billboard Music Conference 2013

Gloria Estefan and Leila Cobo

Gloria Estefan, Leila Cobo, Emilio Estefan

November 5, 2013

People, I'm back!

Final Buscando el Exito Premium
Here I am girls, I know I have been away for a while…actually I haven’t published but I kept on writing articles for the blog, so I will update you on everything.

Let me tell you, Kelman won second position at Buscando el Exito Premium (talent tv show).
We then presented a live show in Santo Domingo (#Kelmanista The-Concert).
We are now working on the new single and video. And new songs for the upcoming album, too.
I’d like to thank all the fans, not just Dominican ones, who everyday show their love.
To follow Kelman:
Thank you so much!

Eccomi qui ragazze, lo so sono sparita per un po’ … in realtà non ho pubblicato ma ho continuato a scrivere per il blog, quindi pian piano vi metterò al corrente di tutto.

Per quanto riguarda Kelman, Buscando el Exito Premium si è concluso con la vittoria della seconda posizione. Ci siam subito messi all’opera e abbiamo presentato un concerto #Kelmanista The-Concert a Santo Domingo.
Ora ci stiamo preparando alla pubblicazione del nuovo singolo, del quale gireremo un videoclip.
Inoltre sono già in creazione nuovi pezzi per il prossimo album.
Vorrei ringraziare tutti i fans, non solo domenicani, che ogni giorno danno dimostrazioni d’affetto.
Per seguire Kelman:
Grazie mille!

Final Buscando el Exito Premium, Winners

El Premio

#Kelmanista TheConcert

#Kelmanista The Concert

#Kelmanista The Concert

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