August 16, 2013

It's a Cool Chicks world!

Four years ago I met an extraordinary woman, Dawn Nylund-Brenner.
I was immediately impressed by her charme, beauty and intelligence. She was very nice but clearly very strong.
It was so easy to connect with her, I think due to her pure spirit…but I didn’t know at the time. We just kept in touch. We didn’t know each other very well but she felt familiar to me.
I knew her as a cool mum but she had been a really successful professional: she travelled the world working as Britney Spears Production Coordinator, in a NYC Public Relation firm. And now she’s an entrepreneur: she recently launched her first fashion line “Cool Chicks Club”.
It’s a collection of quality t-shirts (enzyme wash for ultra-soft feel, best cotton) portraying character Charlotte, a little cute chick doing a variety of activities she’s passionate about.
The idea is to create a club that brings women together, empowers them, embraces their confidence and passions. The message is simple… Be cool, Be kind, Be yourself!
“We want ALL women to acknowledge their inner coolness and to be proud of who they are.  It’s our goal to advocate safety, wellness and empowerment to women in need by donating a portion of our sales to different women’s charitable organizations” says Dawn.
I already choose mine…even more than one…I am a cool chick who rocks, reads, dances and sunbathes!
You can’t miss the club! Visit
It’s a great idea for gifts … they arrive in a super-original package, trust me!

Dawn and her family

August 15, 2013

Who's the King? Robbie Williams!

Me & my brother waiting for the show to start

Many of you asked me to talk about Robbie Williams’ concert in Milan so here it goes.

It wasn’t the first time I saw Robbie performing live and I was sure I wouldn’t be disappointed. Once again he confirmed to be the greatest entertainer on earth. Every single gig is a guarantee, an amazing show.

A long day outside the stadium to get to see the show from first rows, tired and hot with another 60.000 people, many in bathing suit due to the summer temperature. Then he comes on stage and it’s all one. Thousands singing together every single song on the track list. Pure energy.

Robbie empathizes with the crowd from the very first instant, San Siro gets on fire, in the hearts, voices, camera flashes, stage fireworks.

It’s impossible not to be overwhelmed, even if you are the most sceptical one, even if you came to accompany someone or to write a piece for your newspaper.

Robbie is a wizard with top hat and magic stick. You have to surrender his magic.

Everything is so spectacular that if it wasn’t for him it would seem fiction. But Robbie is authentic. Sweat and soul. He seems to give himself physically to each one of us. You can feel his true emotion.

He’s a superstar, a professional, a fearless showman. He holds up tight to the King of Pop crown.

If you haven’t ever seen him live you can not even imagine his energy and ability on stage.

A royal show, with a big crown in the centre and several huge Robbie’s heads (with special effects, balloons, fireworks, water, morphing). Just him and his image repeated again and again.

There are no dancers. You don’t even mind, he’s enough. You can’t take your eyes off  him anyway.

Everything around him, lights, effects, pyros are just a frame. What moves the crowd is his intense voice, his adrenaline attitude and that indefinable something special.

Final goodbye, tired but always smiling, with “Angels” vibrant emotion that no one who was there will ever forget.

Rob, thanks once again!



Molti di voi mi hanno chiesto di pubblicare qualcosa sul concerto di Robbie Williams a Milano, eccovi accontentati.

Non era certo la prima volta che vedevo Robbie dal vivo, ed ero sicura che le mie aspettative non sarebbero state tradite. Robbie ha confermato per l’ennesima volta di essere il più grande entertainer al mondo. Ogni suo concerto è una garanzia, uno show indimenticabile.

Una lunga giornata in coda per godersi lo spettacolo dalle prime file, esausti e accaldati tra 60.000 persone, molti in costume per il clima rovente. Poi entra in scena lui e tutto diventa una cosa unica. Migliaia di persone cantando all’unisono ogni canzone in scaletta. Energia pura.

Robbie empatizza col pubblico dal primo istante, San Siro s’infiamma, nei cuori, nelle voci, nei flash dei cellulari, nei fuochi d’artificio che sparano dal palco.

Non puoi non essere coinvolto, anche se sei il più scettico tra gli scettici. Anche se sei lì per accompagnare qualcuno o per scrivere un pezzo per il tuo giornale.

Robbie è un mago con cilindro e bastone. Inevitabile cedere alla sua magia.

Tutto è cosi spettacolare che se non fosse lui ti sembrerebbe una finzione. Invece Robbie è autentico. Sudore e anima. Sembra darsi fisicamente a ognuno dei presenti. Si sente la sua sincera emozione.

E’ una superstar, un professionista, uno showman senza paura. Si tiene ben stretta la sua corona di Re del Pop.

Credo che chi non l’hai mai visto dal vivo non si possa ben rendere conto della sua carica e capacità sul palco.

Uno show da re, con tanto di enorme corona al centro e la sua effige gigantesca riprodotta in diversi testoni con effetti speciali (palloncini, lanciafiamme, getti d’acqua, morfing). Sempre e solo lui. La sua immagine ripetuta all’infinito.

Non ci sono ballerini. E nemmeno te ne accorgi, basta lui. Tanto non riesci a staccargli gli occhi di dosso. Tutto quello che c’è attorno, luci, paillettes, gigantografie sono comunque una cornice. Quello che muove il pubblico è la sua voce intensa, il suo adrenalinico carattere e quel qualcosa indefinibile che o c’è o non lo puoi creare.

Saluta stanco ma sorridente con un finale col botto, “Angels” emozione vibrante che nessun presente potrai mai dimenticare.

Rob, grazie ancora una volta!



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